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My Santa Journey

From the moment I started talking, I’ve been entertaining and jovial. I entered the magical world of the North Pole in 2017. While enjoying my first time donning the red suit I came across a little girl who just exploded with the wonderment of  seeing Santa. I was hooked, I would never put down that ruby coat. Since then I have been dedicated to being the best Santa I can be.


I have an Associates in Teaching, graduated in 2019 from the oldest school for Santa's in the world C.W. Howard Santa Claus School. I am also a Morgan's Wonderland's Inclusion Initiative Certified Santa. I attend Santa conferences and workshops yearly to help improve my holly and jolly. 


I am a member of good standing with the Lone Star Santas. A non profit organization that use the Convoy of Toys to bring smiles to children who have suffer from disasters.

Also a member of IBRBS or the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas, a non profit group with a mission to keep Christmas magic in the hearts of children of all ages by creating an international Christmas community.

I am a founding member of Santas of Color Network which endeavors to build a bridge from the larger North Pole Community to Santas of Color to create a better circle of contacts and diversity centered resources. Saunders Claus has been given honorary membership to Council For Unity, a wonderful organization that empowers students, individuals, and groups with the tools necessary to promote unity, safety and achievement in communities.

Outside of the North Pole Community I am a proud member of the Sons of the American Legion. 


At every gathering we recite the Santa Claus Oath and promise to strive to bring the joy of Santa to everyone.

"...I promise to use "my" powers to create happiness, spread love and make fantasies come to life in the true and sincere tradition of the Santa Claus Legend..."  ** From the Santa Oath ** Phillip L. Wenz

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